Disappearing .AVI's

When rendering an animation, I noticed that the name I gave the project was changed to a number {i.e. 000_0010.avi}. When I named the project in F10 mode in the path box, I named it Lightbar.avi. The project was rendered {animated} as an AVI.JPEG

  1. Should I not add this extension with the “extention” button “on”?

    Secondly, regardless of what the file name turns out to be…

  2. Why can I not go to the projects folder directly and find the file?

    Thanks. Been spending my time on Modeling and am new to animation.

  1. In the Format panel in the Render Buttons (F10) is JPEG selected? If so, click the drop down and select one of the movie formats of your choice, such as AVI JPEG.

  2. I’m not sure I understand. I think you mean when you try to load something it starts like at C:/ or something and you need to navigate to the file? If thats the case, drag down the top header bar (where the File > Save menus are) and go to File Paths. There you can set where Blender will start browsing by default.


I appreciate your time and answer. But no, as I stated, I rendered the project as an “AVI.JPEG” in the drop down box you are reffering to. To the exstream left of the F10 panel is where you type in your ;
1.File Path
2.Background image path
3. File type.

In the" File Type" section I am naming this Lightbar.avi which is the name of the project. I am asumming this is incorrect to do. I guess my question should be, If I am rendering an animation, and I am using the AVI.JPEG format I know the animation will be an AVI extention, and am wondering if the “extention ONLY” goes in this section.{ #3. File Type }

Part two was this, if I completely shut down Blender, go to C:/programfiles/Blender/.blender/Projects/......where the rendered AVI should be stored. It is not in the folder for me to convert to a MPEG and send it to someone if I wish. I find the project with the pull down menu on top in the directory, but it is named as above, differently, but still there. and it has an .avi extention. But,...lol..It's not in my projects folder. This I don't understand since I have done this once before and without any problems.

Thank you for your time. I hope this is a better explaination.

Don’t put anything in the //ftype path location thingy…
Just put the path in the first little path dialog (gives you “Directory/name to save rendered pics to” as a mouse over tip) and set it as c:/…/projects/lightbar

That’s it. Leave the other two blank/default unless you are specifically using a backbuffer background image and an FTYPE image (I don’t really know what these are for anyway).

If you have the extensions button enabled, it will put the .AVI on the end for you.

If you are doing a large animation, you might want to render to still images (like png or tga), then put them together in the sequencer. (If you need ro re-render 30 frames, you can easily with this technique). Study the sequencer in the wiki. Or at least render to something other than avi jpeg for quality issues if you are going to re-encode it to mpeg.

Thank you sir for your reply. It is certainly making more sense to me now. I appreciate “all” of your help. This is a great community and Blender is awesome!
Thanks again

If you still cannot change your directory, just go to C:tmp. Your file will be there. And make sure that you click the animate button to render a movie, not the render button.