Disappearing Camera in viewer

I’ve got a problem with things showing up in the outliner window, but not in the 3d view. It normally wouldn’t be an issue to me, except it is a camera and blender refuses to render using any camera other than the one that is mysteriously gone. I’ve tried selecting it from the outline and then centering the camera on it, but nothing happens when I do so. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Is it on a visible layer? Also, any object can be a camera. To make the real one the camera select it with RMB (when you find it) and Ctrl-Numpad-Zero to make it active.


I’m not sure where the visible layer buttons have gone, and when I try to move things to other layers it gives an error “Not in localview.” What is wrong?

You’re in local view, where only the selected object is visible and centred. Press Numpad / to toggle back to Global view.

That did the trick. Thanks a lot!