disappearing channels

I was working in the action editor in blender and I was switching between action and shapekey editors, and then when I switched back to shapekey editor, all of my channels were gone. Then I switched back to action editor again and all of my channels were gone there too. I tried selecting different objects in my scene to see if that made a difference but it did not. I even tried toggling show hidden channels, but they are just all gone. It was like they were there one minute and now they are not. Could anyone help me get them back? Has this sort of thing happened to anybody else? What is going on here? I tried to attach a .blend file but the file is too big. Any help at all would be awesome. Thanks.

that’s weird. I haven’t seen that happening before. Only three things come to mind.

1- Press HOME in your Action Editor. Did they come back?

2- Are you sure you did not accidentally delete all the keys? If you did all bone’s channels would be gone, since there are no keys.

  1. try to re-key one bone somewhere in the time line and see what happens in your Action Editor. Does that channel show?

Using zip you may compress the blend file. Make sure it has not files as textures, images packed. that would make it smaller.

Thanks, that worked! I guess they just got hidden somehow.