Disappearing Cube


Idk why the cube doesn’t render. I wanted to render this in cycles. Why does blender do this at times.

Your material setup for the cube makes no sense.
You’re using the alpha of a .jpg image, which by its very definition can’t have an alpha channel, to drive the mix between a Transparent and a Diffuse shader, with the Transparent shader connected to the bottom input of the Mix shader. The result will of course be 100 percent transparent.

You might also want to switch the texture from Clip to Repeat, given the fact that most of your UVs are outside of the UV space.

Thx so much for your help. That fixed the problem. I also tried to change the file from jpg to png but that didn’t seem to work.

As far as I understand it this cube object is supposed to be a rock. Why would a rock be transparent?
Converting a jpg to a png does not magically create a meaningful alpha channel.