Disappearing Model - Seemingly Huge Bug

When I move a model (such as the default cube) away from the camera (further than 101 blender units) the model will disappear from camera view. I have tried increasing the camera’s clipping distance, and this seems to make no difference. Is there something obvious I’m missing here?

This is reproducible on 2 of my computers.
Blender Version 2.58.1 Windows 32 bit.

There are two settings for clipping, View and Camera, if the object disappears in camera view then you need to increase the camera’s object clipping distance (Buttons Panel–>Object Data–> Lens–> Clipping–> End). If the object disappears in a 3D view then you need to adjust the View Clipping (N Panel–> View–> Clip–> End).


Ardee has solved my issue. I appreciate your help!