disappearing model

Im relatively new to Blender 2.49, but have managed to learn quite a bit, however Ive run across a problem I can’t figure out. Im creating an airplane for a flight sim, and was editing sharp edges when I must have hit something I didn’t realize. When I rotate my model it will disappear like it is going behind a wall. What did I turn on , and how do I turn it back off? I can see where this could be useful in certain cases and would like to know how to use it effectively if its an actual function.


From the 3dview header View / View Properties. In the window that pops up try increasing the ‘Clip End’ value. The clip start and clip end values set the distance something will show in the 3d view. If you view anything through the camera, it also has clip values in its settings (F9)

Thank you for the tip. It was set at 500, now its at 5000. What could I have done to change that with out knowledge of doing it? Before now, I’ve never heard of that.

The default value is 500