DIsappearing Model :-/

Why’s my model vanish when i turn on Rendered View using Blender Render? I think i must have set something wrong whilst trying to use Cycles to make some hair. If i use Cycles, Rendered View is fine, but if i switch it to Blender Render, everything disappears except my scalp emitter and the hair. the eyes/camera are showing on the Object tree etc.


Cycles and Blender Internal are different, incompatible systems. Materials in one do not work in the other. You can’t just switch back and forth between them.

well i killed the program and restarted and it’s working fine again. never had an issue changing between Cycles and BR before, obviously the look is totally different but it’s never done this before.

One thing is: In cylces materiels have use nodes on by default, if there is no BI output node, you’ll get a mask material.