Disappearing object in EditMode

Hey all, This might be a noob question and if so I apologise but my searches returned no similar problems/solutions.

I am currently modelling a trophy with sharp and smooth edges, and so I have detached all of my sharp faces from the original model and used a subsurf modifier on the original to make it smooth.

However, I want to edit the now-detached sharp Object, but when I select it in ObjectMode and hotkey TAB to get into EditMode, it disappears completely and I am left only with my smooth model.

Any help is much appreciated, also if there is a better way of keeping sharp and smooth edges on an object. Thanks!


I exported the sharp-edges-object, and then re-imported it :slight_smile:

You could also use edge sharpness on the subsurf object.

You don’t need to detach it!


Within a subsurf, you can crease edges, causing them to sharpen. With some practice you can know what to crease where, and how much, to get specific shapes.

To crease an edge, hit SHIFT+E and drag away from the object, as with any other numeric function.