Disappearing objects when forcing camera location?

I moved my viewport to where I wanted my camera to be and pressed crtl-alt-0. My camera moved, but an object disappeared. I pressed undo, unhid everything, looked evrywhere, but it couldn’t be found. I looked in the outliner and the object is there, but it doesn’t render. Is this a bug or did I accidentally press the wrong keys? Anyone else have this prob?

Make sure you press the “0” on the number pad if you’re moving the camera. If you pressed the other “0”, then Blender switched you to the last layer and all you’ve gotta do is go back to the layer with your stuff on it. I’m not sure if that’s what you did but … if you did press the number pad “0”, then make sure you look in all the layers for whatever object dissapeared.

Hope I helped :smiley:

If the object is close to the camera go View >> View Properties with camera selected and change the ClipStart value so the camera can see it.

Ctrl-Numpad-0 makes any active (selected) object a “camera”, so make sure you’re actually looking thru the camera.