disappearing objects

I’ve made a little model of some of the rooms in my house, and imported it into the walkthrough template found on the blender website. This works pretty well-- but then I started addding little pieces representing furniture, a fridge and a stove. Oddly, they disappear unless I get really far away (though I can tell that they are there from blocking the walking). This is weird. I checked their normals, and the clipsta and clipend values of the camera.

Can you say what causes this?

I have put the blend file at www.geocities.com/popatr/blend.html if you want to look at it. If you do look at it, maybe you could also comment on the window, and the slightly arched door (and other places if you look closely) I don’t really know how to effectively model these. One way tends to introduces several triangle slivers which look stupid, sometimes even after rendering. The way I have done, it makes kinda disconnected panels, you know, which also look different and show seams.

Post the .blend without automatic start so that I could take a look at it in edit mode. Looks like it has to do with the camera.

Sadly, I don’t even know enough about blender to know about setting automatic start. I think the template came that way, from the blender site. (All I had to do was add geometry) Could you tell me how to turn automatic start off?

Alternatively, you could open the blend from within blender as opposed to the double-click… that way it doesn’t automatically start. I came across the same trouble when I downloaded the template, and had to solve it that way.

To turn off autostart, go to the top menu and over to the GAME part.
The last option toggles the autostart on or off.


Unless I made a mistake, I think the version I now have up has autostart turned off.

(It’s at the same URL)