Disappearing Texture

For some reason that I don’t understand, the sky texture in my maze game isn’t loaded when the game is run on slower computer systems, even though the game itself still runs fine. The file size of this texture is smaller than some of my other textures which are loaded fine, so the problem seems to have no easy solution. As a result, the game is left with a white sky dome. What I’m wondering is whether there’s a good way for me to make this dome a light blue color instead of white, so that if the texture doesn’t load at the least the sky still looks decent. My problem is that when I use vertex painting to change the dome blue, this affects how the texture looks when it is loaded (i.e. the clouds are bluish instead of white). Is there any way to keep the cloud texture unaffected, yet make the dome appear light blue when the texture isn’t there? (ObColor seems to have the same effect.)

No ideas? Is there a way for Python to retrieve info about the system that the game is running on so that if the system is below certain requirements the sky dome can be replaced with a simpler one that is a solid blue?

Is the texture packed?
To color the dome without a texture, setting a material color should do it but I’m not sure.

Check the size of the texture map. Some graphic cards require the texture resolution as a multiple of 2,4 or 8. Best would be to have a square texture.
Maybe this helps.

MagicMan: The texture is definitely packed, because it shows up on some systems but not on others. I tried adding a material and changing the color, and you were right that that would be a way to change the color of the sky dome without affecting the texture. The problem was that the color came out too dark, even when shadeless was turned on.

Monster: That’s interesting. My texture was far from square, so I tried editing it in Photoshop. I also tried changing the way it was mapped (polar coordinates). However, when I tried out the finished product on my slower computer, the sky was now full of glitches (it showed a strange mixture of many of my other loaded textures; note that it still ran fine on my faster computer).

Thanks for your ideas. I think that my solution will be simply to add a second sky dome, slightly larger than the first, and to vertex paint it. I will add the option to make the textured dome invisible so that the second one can be seen behind it.

post some screen shots or a blend of it with it working and not working…

Thanks for being willing to help, kirado, but for now I’ll have to stick with the solution that I found, because the deadline for finishing my game is up.