disappering effect

how do you make the disappering effect in cogs temporal portal concept?


Looks like an animated texture with transparency. I wouldn’t know how to do it though.

Look for some tutes about Animated Textures.

Create an IPO for alpha(while over the material window hit I) for each significant frame, you want to “Key” it.(say frame one a=1 and frame 50 a=0) itll create a smooth transition between the two if need to edit the the keys open the ipo window and select material IPOs you can mess with the graph in there.

if you dont want to see geometry inside/behind im sure you could do it with some Sequencing.

i know how to do animated textures, but what about making the model disapper? and the blueish green effect?

Check out the Boolean Script here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29200. The animation shown on it seems to be the sort of effect that you’re looking for.

To make it look like the animation you provided, you would scale a cube in the direction of the thing that’s going to disappear. I think. Not sure exactly how the Boolean Script animation was done, but I guess the script was linked to the objects and told to act on FrameChanged. Maybe it was all manual :-?. I haven’t actually had time to play with it though so there may be an easier way. You could ask SpkyElctrc :wink: