Disassociating an IPO curve with an Armature (Bone?)

I created an Armature (for a carrier robot “Carrier”).

I duplicated the entire robot (including the Armature) and used it as the basis for another robot (“Welder”).

Now, each of the two armatures (or each of the bones on the two) all use the same IPO curves. i.e. When I repose one, I repose the other.

I want each Armautre to use completely SEPARATE IPO curves, but no matter what I do in the IPO window - create a new curve, disassociate a curve from the armature, etc - it always winds up being applied to BOTH armatures!

These armatures are created via straight duplication - i.e. no links or anything,

How can I assign a separate, clean, new curve to one of the armatures??

Look at using the Action Editor to create actions for armatures. I don’t know about using ipo curves for animating armatures, I always work with the action editor. Your problem of not being able to disassociate one set of ipo curves from an armature might be because both armatures have the same action in the action editor assigned to them. It’s pretty straight forward to create new actions for each armature in the action editor.