Disaster Follows - help needed

Hi all,

For those of you that remember, I started this game about a year ago… and have made no progress as I have decided to make so many changes that i basically started all over again.



The character’s name is Pacer Burton and instead of wielding a sword, he finds a mysterious orb in the remains of a comet that recently fell to the planet. Four[distinct] regions of the planet have been rumored to have parts of the comet, . Unknown to Pacer, the orb powers this machine are all parts of a giant machine that assembled is a planetary defense system(enter giant robot).


  • 2.5D(3D with a 2D perspective-for those of you who don’t know what that means) for an example look to Kirby 64 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands(PSP)
  • Pacer discovers a way to direct the orb’s energy into the palm of his hand, thus giving him the power to shoot balls of energy from his hand
  • Levels will be vertical and/or horizontal side-scrolling
  • Enemies will be few and far between, but still present

What I Need
For now, all I need is a texture artist and a modeler.
From the Modeler I need trees and shrubs and the like, and enemies

      From the Texture Artist I need<i><b> ALL</b></i> textures. This is a huge job, but I will provide a description of every texture to the finest detail. 

All contributions are welcome!:smiley:

I will post a few models in a day or two.

What the progress on it right now? How many models do you have made?
It sounds intriguing, but i can’t help, i lose focus on one game to quickly.
I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.


Since I had so many different ideas I basically am using completely different models from the old game.

The Orb:
-modeling is finished
-requires simple texture

-unfinished - model will most likely change
-the model with the black bell-bottoms is a
quick variation of the other model to see what
he can look like.

I also have the layout for the first stage in rough form


Hi, my name is James http://jamesalbert.imgur.com/all/ if you like what i have i ll be glad to work with you and your team,