Disco Helix Pill! [Updated]

Well, this did not turn out as expected, but I don’t know when I’ll have time for another render. All those damned little balls take forever to render. Anyhow, this is what the virus thread came from. Tell me whatcha think. I’d like to touch it up more, so C&C is appreciated. Feel free to be mean if you are elaborately and constructively so ;-).


You could use the new particle features to keep the balls inside, but in random positions. It’s available in the testing builds forum of blender.org.

Oooooo. Good stuff. I’ll check it out.

interesting idea. Like the helix. Not keen on the high specularity / light reflection though

I’ve tweaked the camera angle, specularity, and lighting, and am in the process of rendering. All of the damned little icospheres wreak havok on my laptop. Thanks for the comments.

Huh. Okay, here is the updated render, but I think I’m done with this little project. I’m rather tired of the ridiculous render times for the less than spectacular results. I do like this one a bit better than the last, though.