Discombobulated tube

Well, since everyone else was playing around with the discombobulator, why shouldn’t I?


thats really cool, space.warp. why not try adding some more color though, or metallic reflections. keep up the good work!

How about this?


It looks good farther down the tube, but up close, it looks very…fake. You might try increaing the specularity, and if it makes the end of the tunnel look weird, try using a blend texture to modify the specularity so that it will only affect the close bits.

Beacouse its a waste of (our) time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it may be a waste of your time, but it’s still fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey space.warp, don’t let the MassTA(bator) get you down. Keep blending!

Try lowering the brightness of the lighting and maybe use other lights to get more depth. The more lights you use, the more you will have to lower the brightness (Energy) of each one. Otherwise, you’ll quickly have too much light.

Try a different texture.
Try using Mist to create more depth.


Yes, I know.
I have been playing around with the settings but I can’t find anything that looks better than these three.