Discombobulatory decay (3 images)


All renders are of the same mesh setup. Tweaked certain things like the material and lighting for each one.

These would make great backgrounds - if they were rendered in background aspect ratios! :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmm…i like it…i wonder how the setup was…care to explain please??

the 3rd one is my favourite…

The main tool was discombobulator.

1). I started with a cube
2). I used discombobulator on it on low settings
3). I used the script again on the new mesh
4). I used it again after randomly selecting half of the faces
5). I used it again after randomly selecting a tenth of the faces.
6). I deleted all the new meshes the script generated except the last two it created. The origional cube is still there though it’s not noticed.
7). The first of the two I moved a little to avoid overlapping faces.

Heh, crazy. I’ve noticed something in these wild polygon-splosions of yours, though. Your colour choice and general composition are getting better. I like the brown and cyan one.

I like the colors and the composition is pretty nice. There are some artifacts though. Either you saved them as a crappy quality JPEG, or didn’t put OSA on full. If you fixed the artifacts it would look 5 times better. IMO


Please do not take this the wrong way. Please take this constructively, which I hope/know you can.

I do not understand why you do not push yourself to another level. You obviously have the talent and the eye to see that you can create something that looks good. But you do not seem to want to push yourself to learn the next step to become a good CG artist/technical CG expert.

Your overall outlook on art is promising. Your eye is very good for lighting, layout, etc.

Take the extra time and effort to learn proper modeling techniques and texturing/shader techniques to bring yourself to the level of RobertT, @ndy, etc., etc.

You have the eye. You just need the patience and the technical knowledge of these people to get to that level. Push yourself and you will see things that you have never seen before.