Disconect Ctrl J


I need to disconect Ctrl J. I have forget how. Can you help me.

Thank you:)

Ctrl-J joins two objects, I think you need P.

Hello Red Jay. This is wath happen. I add a nose to the face and connect them with Ctrl J.

Later i add armature to the lips Upp and low and parent with Ctrl P and weight painted both.

In Pose Mode i grab the upper lip bone with G and the lip follow the bone perfect, but the botton of the nose coming with.???.

I promiss, no weight paint have toutch the nose. I try to select the nose and separate from the face , dont work. I try to delate the nose and make a new one. No separation. My wife will soon, to much Blender.

Do you know wath to do.

thank you

Try receding some of the weight painting back from the nose. Obviously it’s getting affected somehow.

Hello, maybe I dont understand you, there is no weight paint at the nose, but I will try to use " 0 " and cut the paint from the nose.

And why I cant deselect the nose from the face.

Take a look at this file.

Thank you.


CartoonMan.blend (421 KB)

I think I figured it out, even with my extremely limited knowledge on rigging
When you move the Upper Lip, the part that is purple moves over the nose. When I subtracted all weight painting that wasn’t directly on the lip, it worked OK.

Thank you for helping. I to, figured out how to separate the nose from the face.

In edit mode, I put the mouse button on the nose and press L and grab away the nose from the place.


God night.