[Discontinued] Time Machine

Hi, after about 1 Month of learning Blender and obviously spending more time on watching tutorials than modeling with blender itself, i got some decent idea for a little scene.
My idea is to show a storytelling about a abandoned time machine in an old, rusty and dirty room.
So i can present my progress on the project i’m currently working on.

For now it does not look like an “abandoned” one. But its still WIP :slight_smile:

Things to do:

  • Better texturing on the console screen
  • better keyboard
  • moar details
  • inside the machine ( its empty for now, but i already got some ideas… ( chair, cables, helmet, much mechanical stuff ect. )
  • optimizing ( sorry for the grainy last pic, it took about 10 min’s to just make a snapshot )

So just want to present the WIP to you guys and ofcourse i need any critics on this to continue the workflow.
Any feedback is much appreciated too!

Ofcourse, the room will get some ambient darker look:

Better textures for thescreen will come soon:

Total “modeling” worktime about 10 hours.

Hi thanks for your feedback!
It just looks like people don’t like sci-fi stuff, so they don’t really have some critics for this work, but i still want to finish it.
I’ve used Bezier Curves for the wires, very simple and useful tool.
Well you have to randomise the positions and curves itself, to make a realistic look.
But also ordered wires look sometimes very well, i.e if the wires are supposed to be ordered.
The positions have to make sense. Before you put any wires, think about if its realistic to place them like you want, and why would people place wires like this.
I’ll take a look on your work too, thanks for sharing.

Its hard with my project too. Looks done to me, are you texturing it and sending it to the finished projects? You might get some more comments there :smiley:

Anyone want to help with a WW1 project? Modelers needed!
Message me for more info.

Sorry for posting again, I usually have trouble editing posts. Is the thing on the left a power generator? If so, good. If not, think you might make one?

I’m currently working on the interior of the machine, i.e a chair with some lights.
In addition a control panel will be added with a server rack.
And yes its nearly done, need only textures, thats a big problem.
The texturing will be a pain in the ass.