Discord Rich Presence

An addon that adds Discord Rich Presence support to Blender 2.8. Easy to install and some options to configure how it looks. Not sure how many people who use Blender also use Discord, hopefully some people find it cool.

Source link with install instructions: https://github.com/Protinon/Blender-rpc


  • Multi-instance support: If multiple Blender windows are open, the one that was most recently saved will send data to Discord.
  • Rendering mode: Will show info about current render, as shown in the above image. It will have different text if rendering a single frame.
  • Blender Version: Displays the current Blender version in a nice format when hovering over the Blender icon.
  • Options: Allows a few settings to be changed on the Blender addon screen, more info below.


  • Show elapsed time
  • Show elapsed time while rendering
  • What to show while rendering: Filename or Render engine
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