Discord Server

I grew a bit tired of the limitations of IRC (no persistent connection, no file hosting… etc) so I looked around for a discord server and found this and this; both have invite links that have expired, meaning you can no longer join using them. So I decided to create a server with an invite link that never expires (unless really necessary, in which case I will update this post). The server resembles the channels available on IRC so you’ll feel at home if you’re coming from there.

Click here to join and let me know in the feedback channel what needs to be done/set up or if you want to help out.


Great initiative! i joined right away :slight_smile:

I joined too, made the mistake to make my own blender server, was not aware one existed already, I have deleted mine :slight_smile:

If you need an invite to the Blender discord server just let me know.

Is the Discord server still running? :wink:
Link is expired.

Thanks alot… see you on Discord :wink:

Why don’t use https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc to bridge irc channel

I was happy to join this until I saw several people using homophobic slurs, including one of the moderators. Disappointing that this community can’t be more grown-up than a 6th grade level. I didn’t feel welcome anymore, so I left the discord.

Is this discord server still up and available? And is it beginner friendly?

The one I run is definitely beginner friendly, its at discord.gg/blender