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Introducing for the 1st time my new game-project Wisdom Within.

Player is totally lame & will be replaced ASAP :smile:
Environment is based on Post-Apocalyptic under-ground shelter.
Ambient Occlusion textures look horrible as it is set to low -
because Blender Cycles sampling is SO process intense.


game of parkour ?

No. I’m planning it to be a Point & Click adventure with Strategic elements :slight_smile:

ok, but the fps will be parkour or not ? I ask because you hide the debugs

Pretty sure there are no parkour elements in the game


Is the game’s artstyle based off of that of Last Man fighting? I noticed other than the models, there are some differences. Such as the lighting and textures



What in the world does the Profile Frame-Rate have to do with whether it’s Parkour or not :confused: ? ?

Hey @CountEthan , glad you could make it :grin:
To answer your question, they aren’t the same models, as I usually make new assets per-project to help me get in the mood of the planned vision.
The reason they have the same look is because Low-Poly is the best modeling I can do currently with my skills.
However, once my skills include High-Poly modeling, I’ll be sure to include newer models :slight_smile:

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#parkour it’s a private joke about your gun’s gang low polys games struggling at 25fps . Ok i stop with that joke :wink:

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Wisdom Within [UPDATE]
A lot of new changes.
See them for you-self in the video - Or join my Discord server to get test versions that are now available ^^
If you can’t join for personal reasons & you want to try-out the test versions, PM me & we can negotiate.

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This project is well on the Rise Great to see your Updates buddy!


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Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
At the moment I’m trying to juggle development with Last Man Fighting & this project & it’s a little hard, but fun for sure ^^

Version 0.02 test version is finally available on the Discord server (or) through negotiations in private.


  1. [ESC] key now does Game -> Menu -> End Game
  2. Modified all UI so now it all makes sense (I removed a lot of unnecessary stuff)
  3. Removed [RIGHT] mouse holding for Walking & Looking modes (there’s only camera mode now, which is automatic)
    Will soon add Player_Position to Mouse-Cursor position on click function.