Discount on EditPad Pro

(IMProvisar) #1

Hrm… I just got an e-mail from JGSoft. Since I own EditPad Pro, I get a Christmas present… 25% off EditPad Pro, lol. It says to give out the URL to anyone interested. So, if you’re looking for a really good plain-text editor for Windows, check it out, the discount makes it $30 USD rather than $40 USD, and lasts through Jan 12, 2003.

Don’t say I never got you nuthin’. lol

Disclaimer - I am not offiliated with JGSoft in any way other than being a happy customer. I will recieve no money or other considerations if you purchase EditPad Pro.

(Timothy) #2

yeps it’s great software indeed,… I thought about buying it but haven’t yet,…

(Schlops) #3

Nothing beats The One True Editor (XEmacs for you wuzzys out there! Do I hear “Flamewar”?)

(Sonarman) #4

Vim! :stuck_out_tongue:

(IMProvisar) #5

Do your plain-text editors open multiple files simultaneously, all available by tab pages, spell check, block quoting, syntax coloring, custom synax coloring, text searching by regular expression, hex editing, block indent, block outdent, bookmarking, simultaneous opening and closing of all files in a defined “project”, a character map to use non-standard characters like “ÀãÆЮ¶ø” easily, the ability to define external tools for different file extensions, run those programs on the current file, and if command line and text-only, capture that text to a new tab in the editor?

Just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and thanks to my using the custom syntax coloring editor, and uploading my scheme to their database, you can even find a syntax coloring scheme for LambdaMOO code. :wink:


(Schlops) #6

Yes (although I turned of tab pages)

(Eric) #7

It’s madness paying for a text-editor when there are so many great GPL’ed ones out there.