Discourse is not working on Firefox 51

Thanks for getting in touch - do you have a Discourse site hosted with us?

I’m afraid that this channel is reserved for our hosted customers only. You can seek support for a self-hosted install via our helpful community forum at Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse.

That said, please see Discourse is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 1, 2020 - feature / announcements - Discourse Meta for more details and discussion around your message. I’ll be closing this off now.


yeah, real open to changes in their source when it comes to stuff they’ve discontinued. heres how that works:

I make a thread and get people to make a legacy support version of the forum client side code.

when the code is finished and uploaded, discourse’s staff say they will not be officially supporting or integrating this fork linking to the same article as shown there. Because likely it’s due to the same syntax and codeword issues that IE 11 uses that have been discontinued.

it’s a bad loop. a catch 22, they just do not stand for being open source for hosted customers. they’ll say “if you want to self-host then sure why not use it, but we will not be giving this fork to our hosted clients nor listing it as an officially supported fork to choose from.”

I.O. “people who want to use it have to find your post on our forums download and install it at their own risk and self-host.”

Do you see a problem with that? I do.

You do know that this forum is self-hosted, right? Self hosting is a feature and an advantage.

Also, open source projects respond much better to actual patches and pull requests than empty, “would you/what if” questions that anyone can make. It’s all give and take. People are much more willing to invest time and energy into something if you show that you already have. The bulk of open source development is driven by people “scratching their own itch.” This browser issue seems to be your itch.

And with that, I think I’ll refrain from making further comment in this thread until you have a patch or pull request ready.

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Not to mention the complaining about an open source forum dedicated to different open source software.

I have marked this topic as solved as there won’t be any action on it from our side.