Discourse Plugin Request - Data Explorer

This might be too much to ask for, but I is there any chance that this Discourse plugin could be counted among the other plugins on this forum? The main reason I am asking is because time and again I’ve inadvertently disrupted my consecutive says and I haven’t the slightest clue which days I missed to help me determine by which year date to I need to go until that day. As mentioned in this post, this plugin allows relatively easy access to those days with some MySQL algorithms.

Hey! It’s been a LONG time since you posted this, I’m not sure why I missed it. I do use the data explorer, but it’s not a tool that’s meant for users as it will give unlimited access to all information including privacy sentitive info (email, IP address), direct messages etc. In the wrong hands, heavy queries can also put a LOT of load on the server. As such, I can’t make it publicly available - in fact, I don’t even think the explorer allows for that.