Discourse update not working for me

Not sure what changed, but after the update yesterday I can no longer view the BA website - all I get is a blank screen. Everything was working fine on Tuesday.
I’ve tried every browser that I own, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome (I refuse to use IE or Safari). None of them will display the website, but I have no problems with other sites.
I’m using my work computer (Chrome) to create this message, so it’s obviously my system:
Windows 10 Home, i7 CPU, GTX 750Ti, 8GB RAM.

Any suggestions?

As I stated - I’m using another computer (my work laptop) and Chrome, so it’s something to do with my home system?

Sorry I missed that. As you say, this suggests something is wrong on your system. Did you try emptying the caches, disabling plugins etc? Does it work in a private window?

I’ll have to try that when I get home. Yesterday, I did disable my anti-virus, reset browser settings to default, and rebooted, but no luck. If I knew what was changed in Discourse, maybe I could track this down a little easier.

I cleared the cache and all seems to be working now.

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