Discourse updated to 2.3.0.beta3

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I just updated our Discourse instance to 2.3.0.beta3. Full release notes are here. The two biggest user facing changes are (content copied from meta.discourse.org ):

Smooth J/K navigation when using keyboard

Discourse supports many keyboard shortcuts. Type ? when browsing Discourse to see them. For those that like to read Discourse with just the keyboard, navigating between posts via j/k is indispensable. However, this navigation didn’t work well with long posts, as it would jump to the next (or previous) post, even if the entire post didn’t fit onto your screen.

Now, j/k will scroll within long posts, so you can read the entire post before jumping to the next one. For complete details and to provide feedback, see Smooth J/K navigation when using keyboard .

Improved image resizing discoverability

When large images are uploaded, Discourse automatically scales them to fit within the post stream. Users can click on the image to view the image full size, and to download it.

Sometimes, users do not want images to take up the full-width of the post stream, so Discourse supports resizing images. To do so users must add ,xx% to the image dimensions. To make this more discoverable, users can now resize images to common percentages (100, 75, & 50%) by hovering over the image preview and selecting the size they want. To make more specific adjustments, users can then edit the raw image markup.


Via markup, you can also use pixels to resize to a specific width or height.

Example (width at 200px, auto-height):

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yeah this resizing feature is very good idea.

I am curious how you will rate your experience with Discourse in terms of setup and maintenance ?

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Once I was used to the whole new technology stack, maintaining it has been a great experience :slight_smile:

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There a trick to have this work for video too? Want a small one to stay at 100% for crispness. Testing:





<video width="128" height="128" controls loop>
  <source src="https://blenderartists.org/uploads/default/original/4X/0/0/1/001ba4e007988fae0b7df08ff7098cac75513e2e.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Also fails. Any ideas? Specifying looping etc would be nice too if you’re taking / passing on requests.

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I don’t know. I prefer YouTube or Vimeo embeds here anyway :slight_smile: