Discourse updated to 2.3.0.beta6

(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

I just updated our Discourse instance to 2.3.0.beta6. This bumps up two versions, here are the release notes:

The biggest user facing changes are:

User and group cards on mobile

The ability to open user cards on mobile with a tap on the user avatar has been now implemented in the Discourse core. At the same time the theme component Mobile user-cards has been deprecated.

Add more granular user option levels for email notifications

This feature migrates email user options to a new data structure:

  • email_messages_level , with options: always , only_when_away and never (defaults to always )
  • email_level , with options: always , only_when_away and never (defaults to only_when_away )

The respective default site settings have also been migrated.

Add every month / 6 months options to email digest

The frequency with which to send email digests has two new entries. Now you can choose to send the summary emails monthly or even every six months.


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