Discourse Updated to 2.4.0.beta 5

New features in 2.4.0.beta5

Quick Access Panels in User Menu

A new UX addition to 2.4.0.beta5 is a multi-paneled user menu. Now users have direct access to notifications, bookmarks, and messages straight from the user menu!

Additionally, users can directly access parts of their user profile and preferences by clicking on their username as shown below.

Full-Screen Video Embeds using iframe

By default, the allowfullscreen iframe attribute is now whitelisted. This allows videos from providers like Vimeo to use full-screen mode straight from Discourse.

Full release notes:


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: How do you embed a vimeo video like that?

Welcome :slight_smile: You embed Vimeo like Youtube and Sketchfab: just put a link to the video on its own line and it will expand into a player.

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Thanks! I’d swear I tried yesterday and wasn’t working, but right now it does! :slight_smile:

In this video I don’t see the full screen icon. I do have it enabled in vimeo. In the full release notes it mentions “of course, you still need to add the source link to the allowed iframes site setting for it to appear”. I’m not sure what that means.

Ah silly me, I forgot to do that. Fixed it now and ‘rebaked’ your post and it shows. However, the iframe is a lot smaller now, not sure how to fix that. Do you think it’s worth it?

Mmm… not sure. At least it’s now very “inviting” to use the full screen option :slight_smile: The iframe size is not configurable? Somehow their example is actually wider…

Update: if I set the width to 100% and height to 388 it looks perfect. But that would mean that the height must be set based on the width somehow, with some CSS responsiveness?

Probably up to forum CSS, I’d imagine.

edit: from waterfox inspector:
in html tag.

edit2: giving the iframe a 600px height and 100% width in css rules seems to work well on my end, but I can’t be bothered to cross-test in other browsers or monitor resolution right now.

In my screen it’s 690x388 or 100% x 388. But that only works with the browser enlarged and this specific video aspect ratio. If you narrow the browser width to half screen, then 100% will mean less pixels, but the height being hardcoded to 388 will leave a lot of empty space below or above.

I don’t know how Discourse works. If it parses the videos and extracts the video sizes one by one to produce CSS or HTML, then it’s probably doable. If there’s just one CSS file to enter width and height, then I think it won’t work because it will depend on the aspect ratio of the embed and also the width of the browser window.

it’s the iframe that has the html/js calculated size, but the css should be able to override it. Well, I don’t think it matters that much though. You can always just toggle fullscreen to see it bigger.

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