Discourse Updated to 2.4.0beta10

Most things in this release are ‘behind the scenes’ improvements, but there are two important user-facing changes I’d like to mention:

Bigger emoji

When 1-3 emoji exists on their own line, they’re now automatically made larger! Now you can communicate in emoji without needing to squint as much.


Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation

Discourse will be ending support for IE11 on June 1, 2020. Users are strongly encouraged to move to a supported browser to continue using Discourse without interruption. Discourse will start showing a warning to users that IE11 support is ending at the top of the site. For full details, see Discourse is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 1, 2020

Full release notes


I just noticed the bigger emoji. I like it!

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Site is loading much slower than it was about 4 years ago.

I must say i love this new website !

Simple, efficient with lots of nice features ( the portfolio and many other things are really amazing ! )

I just asked myself while watching the features banner wether it would be possible to see older featured art ?

Something like an arrow on the right showing previous pictures when user clicks on it…

I thought about this as i remember of featured pics that i cannot find anymore ( i forgot about their name ) and the ‘finished projects’ is sorted by latest post and not by post date…

Is this idea stoopid ? And if not would it be easy to set up ?

Thanks ! and happy blending !

Click on the ‘Gallery’ link at the top of the page. It contains all the featured posts, although the sorting order is a bit off at the moment…

Thank you for improving the discourse, Bart. I feel my opinions getting smarter already