Discourse Updated to 2.5.0.beta3

I just updated Discourse to the latest version. The most important user-facing changes are:

Improved Bookmarks - now with reminders!

Saving topics/posts for later review has evolved numerous times since the start of Discourse. From stars, to post bookmarks, to user topic timers, we’ve tested out numerous options. We’ve now combined the best of all these into our new bookmark system.

Users can bookmark any post or topic they wish to save for later. Bookmarks can be later accessed via the bookmark tab of the user menu, as well as from the bookmarks page within the user’s activity section. Additionally, users can set reminders to be notified of their bookmarks at a later date. Reminder options automatically adapt to the time and date, so you won’t be offered to “Remind me Later today” when bookmarking at 11pm.

See Improved Bookmarks with Reminders for more details.

New Closed Topic Icon

We’ve heard concern that the same icon, :lock:, is used for both closed topics and for secure categories. This has caused confusion for some sites as their users assumed categories with the icon could not be posted in, just like a closed topic.

To help mitigate this confusion, we’ve updated the icons for closed topics. We now use the comment-slash icon for closed topics instead of the lock .


Code Block Copying

Here’s a small feature for code-heavy sites. We’ve added native support for quick copying of code blocks. Simply move your mouse over the code block and click the copy button in the top right corner.

Internet Explorer 11 Support ending June 1

We posted about this back in January, but wanted to remind everyone as the date is fast approaching. Please see the topic below for full details.

Read the full release log here:


I really liked the improved bookmarks version, quite useful! Thanks @bartv !

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Just when I thought my opinions couldn’t get any smarter, Bart improves the discourse yet again!