Discourse Updated to 2.6.0beta1

I just updated Discourse to 2.6.0beta1. The full release log is available here. The most important user-facing changes are:

Removal of Internet Explorer 11 Support

As we announced in January, this is the last release of Discourse which supports Internet Explorer 11. All future Discourse releases will require a recent version of Microsoft’s newer browser, Edge. To ease this transition, we’ve significantly enhanced our basic, read-only HTML view which we serve to all older browsers.

Multiple Email Address Support

In Discourse, email is your identity. But what happens when you have multiple email addresses, as most of us tend to do in today’s connected world? Good news! We’ve added support for multiple email addresses to Discourse!

No more worrying about remembering the “right” email address. You can now log in and even reply via email using any of your associated email accounts.

To add one or more additional email addresses, visit the account tab in your user preferences.

Native Timezone Support

As Discourse becomes more of a global tool for teamwork, we find ourselves needing to know a bit more detail about our teammates — such as what time zone they work from, so we’re not asking them questions about work at, say midnight their time?

A quick visit to someone’s user card lets you know what time of the day it currently is for them, like so:

If enabled, setting your timezone is as easy as visiting your user preferences, under the profile tab:

But you shouldn’t need to, because Discourse is smart enough to infer your timezone from your browser settings at the time of account creation!