Discourse Updated to 2.6.0beta2

I just updated Discourse to 2.6.0beta2. The full release log is available here . The most important user-facing changes are:

Let experienced users skip “new to Discourse” features

Are you a Discourse power user? Do you have more “first like” badges than you know what to do with? Tired of thinking someone replied to you when all you got was yet another badge notification? Now you can disable the new user discobot tutorial, and the “new to Discourse” badges on first login.


Existing users can disable this via the Skip new user onboarding tips and badges user preference on the Interface page.

New quote sharing widget

Site admins can enable additional options when quoting for users to share the quote externally.

Limit who can send you PMs

Prefer to only receive PMs from a select few users? You can now specify which users can send you PMs via the Only allow specific users to send me personal messages user preference on the Users page. Only users on the list (admins and moderators can always send users PMs) will be able to send PMs to you.


If you prefer not to receive any PMs (staff exempted), disable the Allow other users to send me personal messages user preference on the Notifications page.

Removal of outdated, racist terms from Discourse.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny

Here at Discourse we believe in creating open, inclusive software that everyone feels comfortable using. Like many others in the tech industry, we’ve been working to remove language from our product that is not open and inclusive. Even if our usage of such language is not intended to be racist, such language has negative historical context that we do not wish to maintain. Thoughts become words, words become actions. These are not the actions we want. As such, throughout Discourse we’ve removed use of the terms master & slave, whitelist & blacklist, and similar. You’ll now see primary & replica, allow list & block/deny list, etc.


Dont know if this is the correct place, but Unread Topic Count is wrong since a lot of versions:

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Hmm, does that stay there if you reload the page? I can’t reproduce it.

Yes. Always wrong since a lot of versions.

Tried clearing cache, login out and in, clearing all cookies, other browsers, other computers, other OS’s (debian, windows and El Capitan)…

Unread count is always unread+1.

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Have you tried clicking the ‘dismiss’ button?

Will I loose my suscription count?

No, you’ll stay ‘subscribed’ to those topics unless you explicity unsubscribe (the count WILL bre reset, of course).

Pressing the dissmiss button seems that has put everything in place.