Discourse Updated to 2.7.0.beta3

We just upgraded Blender Artists to the latest version of Discourse. The full change logs can be found here: 2.7.0.beta2 and 2.7.0.beta3.

The most important and exciting user-facing changes are:

Do Not Disturb mode

Do Not Disturb is here! Disable notifications and emails so you can concentrate on what you’re working on. Do Not Disturb can be enabled for a set period of time or until the next day. You can also set your Notification Schedule to automatically enable Do Not Disturb each day. This can be done in User Preferences → Notifications. For more details, see [Do not disturb mode ]


Database upgrade

Discourse now uses Postgres 13, resulting in smaller storage footprint and some performance gains.

Accessibility improvements

We’re always working to ensure that everyone on the internet can use Discourse, including those using assistive technology. To that end, this release includes numerous accessibility improvements based on a recent audit we underwent.


Awesome! :clap:

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mobile got a little more broken. when clicking on a thread, the content shows up, then the screen blanks out for a sec and then shows normally. also, featured row should only appear in home page, takes too much screen space.

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Yeah I know the cause and am talking to the developer of the plugin that causes this.

I think the reload flash has been solved now - please check!

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flash is gone, but those category and tag boxes are just ridiculous now…

Ha they are! I’ll put it on my todo list

I have revised the featured image sizes + category/tag boxes - what do you think?

Hi, looks much better now.
One thing, I cant scroll featured line images but I cant remember if this work before the update.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
Android 11
Vivaldi Browser 3.6.2178.33

Cheers, mib

better indeed, but why is the featured row not on the home page and everywhere else? artwork categories, good, homepage, :100:, but its kind of in the way other places when screen real estate is limited.

side note, drop downs are, and have been, less than ideal for a while. the search is useless and the none is just hilarious. now the size is wrong too.

thanks for all your work to keep this site going, im only picky bc i care :wink:

I don’t follow - it’s on the homepage and category pages now. Are you saying you want it on topics too? That contradicts

I think there are some fixes for the dropdowns already, but we’ll have to wait until next month - I only have a 5 day window each month to do updates due to limited support on one of the plugins we use.

hm, maybe its my end. i wasnt seeing featured row on homepage, but now its there. i was saying that i dont think featured row should be visible in thread lists, unless its the artwork section.

edit: or maybe just moved above the category drop downs. i guess it feels like its in the middle of the page.

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