Discourse Updated to 2.7.0beta6

I had to do an off-schedule upgrade of our installation today to fix the YouTube embed issue we had since a few days. As a bonus, we can now enjoy some new features. As always, you can read the full changelog here.

Move site updated modal into a less obtrusive prompt

As those who read these notes can attest to, Discourse is constantly receiving updates. When a site admin updates the site, end-users need to refresh their browser to take advantage of the changes. If an end-user does not do so within 24 hours of an update, they’ll receive a message prompting them to refresh. This message previously appeared as a modal, blocking the user from taking any further actions. It now appears as a banner, to avoid blocking the user.

Allow setting avatar flair for automatic groups

Admins can now configure avatar flair for automatic groups like admins, moderators, staff, and trust levels. Want to highlight your TL4 users? Why not give them flair!

Improving user education and help text

In beta6 we’ve started working our way through all the various pages in Discourse that can be “blank”, and improving the information shown. Previously, a user with no messages in their inbox would see this:


Now, they instead see the following, providing some info on how to use messages:


We’ll be adding similar content throughout Discourse over the next few releases.

Automatic header anchor links

Have a long topic and want to link users to a paragraph 2/3 of the way down? No problem, Discourse now allows users to copy links with anchors allowing users to jump to a header within a topic. Hover over a header to reveal a :link:, like in the screenshot below. Click the link to add an anchor to the URL. Copy the URL from your address bar to share with others.


Bookmark pinning

Bookmarks can now be pinned, like topic, keeping them at the top of your list so you never have to dig deep for your favorite topic.

New flag option for staff: Queue For Review

Staff flagging posts will now see a new option, Queue For Review. When selected, the post will be immediately hidden, and added to the review queue for further review by staff.



Bart, I noticed that badges seem to have disappeared from next to people’s names. Did the latest update do this?

Oh, interesting! I have them but apparently you don’t. I’ll add that to my list :white_check_mark:

Edit: I recently made some changes but forgot to re-activate the component for the dark theme :slight_smile: Should be good now!


What’s up with the :wave: in the login pop-up changing skin tones? Is it a feature? I personally think it would be best to have the neutral yellow.

It was introduced in 2.7.0beta4:

Login Modal UI Revamp

The signup/login modal is one of the first things users see when accessing a new Discourse site. We wanted to make it a bit more inviting, colorful, and all together nicer looking. So we gave it a bit of ZAZZ. There’s also a small easter egg hidden on the modal - can you find it?

Yes I had read your last topic :smiley:. I just found it a bit wierd that the skin tone changes

It’s a simple thing to make communities more inclusive, I like it.

Someone coming to the website for the first time may think that the website supports a specific ethnicity

Can’t be avoided - you can say the same for the yellow version :man_shrugging: Anyway, I’ve had 0 complaints about this and nobody reported similar issues on the Discourse main forum, so I think this is a theoretical problem.

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Whatever you think is right👍. Perhaps I’m just overthinking it.

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Nice. I like the more prominent number of replies in the topic list. It’s more inviting to check out a topic.