Discourse Updated to 2.8.0beta11

I just applied the following updates:

The most important user facing changes are:

Easier editing of image alt text

The alt text for an image has long been editable, but doing so required editing the image markdown, and a risk of breaking the upload if the wrong change was made. Users can now quickly edit the image alt text right from the preview window, just as image size can be changed. Hover over the image and the edit options will appear.


Display pending posts on user’s page

Previously, when post approval was enabled, users would be shown a message that their post needs approval, along with a count of pending posts. However, there was no way to see what was pending after the fact.

Users can now navigate to their activity page to see their pending posts.


Recent searches

Discourse now displays the five most recent topic/post searches completed, making it quick and easy to re-run a search.


Update emojis to v13

We’ve update our emoji database to include the new emoji included in Emoji 13. So go ahead, put your :anatomical_heart: and :lungs: into it, and enjoy all sorts of new emoji!

:smiling_face_with_tear: :disguised_face: :pinched_fingers: :anatomical_heart: :lungs: :ninja: :man_in_tuxedo: :man_feeding_baby: :person_feeding_baby: :mx_claus: :people_hugging: :black_cat: :bison: :mammoth: :beaver: :polar_bear: :dodo: :feather: :seal: :beetle: :cockroach: :fly: :worm: :potted_plant: :blueberries: :olive: :bell_pepper: :flatbread: :tamale: :fondue: :teapot: :bubble_tea: :rock: :wood: :hut: :pickup_truck: :roller_skate: :magic_wand: :piñata: :nesting_dolls: :sewing_needle: :knot: :thong_sandal: :military_helmet: :accordion: :long_drum: :coin: :boomerang: :carpentry_saw: :screwdriver: :hook: :ladder: :mirror: :window: :plunger: :mouse_trap: :bucket: :toothbrush: :headstone: :placard: :transgender_symbol: :transgender_flag:


Hmm this may have to do with this betas or not?? For me there is a strange notice something like:

Drafts are offline??

While typing something (not saving as draft). And just a few seconds ago:

Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.

And i just now i definitifly have just one browser window with only 3 tabs open… Where i “lost” a sentence while reloading…

Yeah I got that once too, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Reported here:

4 posts were split to a new topic: Like notifications are buggy

Bart, is there a good reason to use beta software for something as central to the Blender scene as the official community? Do you also use dev. builds of your chosen OS for regular PC work, trusting that a bug won’t blow away files?

I know there is an appeal to stay on the leading edge in the world of FOSS, I do it too with Blender and Godot. For very important stuff though, it is prudent to either stay with release builds or look closely at the tracker to make sure the new stuff did not bring severe regressions.

I was about to ask the same. When I read “We just upgraded from 2.8.0beta7 to 2.8.0beta11 and have already received several reports of this happening since.” I immediately wondered what is the reason to use beta version, and why would one want to update from beta to another beta.

Or does Discourse suffer from the “forever beta” syndrome where they don’t want to every put final sticker on it ever?

See here: the ‘beta’ branch is what the Discourse team actually recommends for production use:

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Hey @bartv, since the last update I get a lot of InternalServer Errors

and some other “Try again” messages, eg often instead of the loading spinner and then disappearing once the site is loaded.

I noticed that too, but it only started happening for me this morning - about 24 hours after the upgrade. We’re getting hit pretty hard by soms search bots right now, I think there may be a resouc issue - I’ll look into it.

Not sure when it started, but yeah not happening all the time. I can force it to occur by switching back and forth between sites quickly, so might be due to high load. Its not that much of an issue, so dont worry, thanks for looking into it.