Discourse Updated to 2.8.0beta4

I just applied the following updates:

The most important user facing changes are:

User-selectable badge display on user card

Out of the box, the user card will display the user’s trust level badge, followed by the two “highest” level badges - gold first, if no gold then silver, if no silver then bronze. Users can now select the 2 badges they wish to display by marking the badge as favorite.


Add last visit indication to topic view page

When opening a topic you have already started reading, Discourse will automatically load the topic at the first unread post so you can keep reading. Now, Discourse also displays an indicator of where your last visit was, so you can safely scroll up or down without losing your place.

Use native file picker

When uploading a file to the composer, Discourse will now use the native file picker instead of first displaying a custom modal. Discourse also passes along the supported file extensions to the operating system so users don’t have to think about what is allowed. In addition to the upload button, users can continue to copy/paste and drag/drop files to upload them in the composer.

Client side image optimization

When users add an image to their post, Discourse attempts to compress the image if it is larger than the allowed size. This compression happened on the server, meaning the large image file needed to be uploaded first. For users with slow or limited bandwidth, this can take a lengthy period of time, and impact their data usage limits.

Sites can now enable the composer_media_optimization_image_enabled site setting to compress the image on the user’s device - computer, phone, or tablet - before it is uploaded.

See more on our blog:

Faster (and smaller) uploads in Discourse with Rust, WebAssembly and MozJPEG

New Personal Message (PM) style

We’ve updated the personal message style to use bubbles, helping to better distinguish PMs from regular topics.

Outside of styles directly impacting the personal messages, there are some supporting additions:

  • Adds class .current-user-post to your own posts
  • Adds class .embedded-reply to embedded posts’ .topic-meta-data
  • Adds new --tertiary-very-low color
  • Reworks some styles for deleted posts

mprovements to the header search widget

We have added some user experience improvements to the header’s search widget. Mentions and categories can now be quickly invoked using @ and # and the search also suggests more powerful filters when typing in:, status: or order:. Here is a quick screencast showing the new functionality:


Nice! Love the PM frames!

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Yeah it’s really nice to know immediately that you’re in a DM and not in a public topic :ok_hand:

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Definitely. No more confusion for scatterbrains like me!

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Just curious @bartv

Why do you update this site so often, including beta versions?

If this were a four friends forum with just a few topics I could understand test and risks. Could be even fun testing new features. And a bug or a fail will have no consecuences.

But its not the case. This is a big comunity I think. And updating to non stable versions I think is risky and unnecesary.

I’m following the recommended update strategy by Discourse themselves. While they do have a ‘stable’ branch, they advise to stay on the ‘tests-passed’ branch:

I skipped the last few branches because they didn’t contain security fixes or huge features, but this one was a recommended security update. Also I test a release on our staging site first. Discourse has a very good reputation in terms of update reliability - I had exactly one problem in the three years that we’re running them, and even that one was solved within the hour by their team.

I hope that answers your question?

Yes. That answers my question. Thank you for clarifying this.

Hope this comunity tool have strong an stable updates. Would be great for the comunity and for you too. :slight_smile:

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