Discourse Updated to 2.8.0beta7

A critical security release for Discourse was just announced and I deployed the following updates:

As a result of this update, the BlenderNation news menu stopped working and I have temporarily disabled it until I can resolve the issue next week.

The most important user facing changes are:

Personal/Group messaging improvements

We’ve added a number of improvements to the Messages interface.

  • Easily switch between personal and group inboxes.
  • all inboxes view to see messages from both the personal inbox and any group inboxes a user has access to
  • New and unread message lists - easily see what messages have come in that you haven’t seen, even if another group member read and archived it already.
  • Ability to bulk dismiss New or Unread messages

Show draft count in user menu

The count of drafts a user has is now shown in the user menu. Draft count is also displayed on the user activity page.


Fast edits

Submit a post, only to realize you need to make a small change? With fast edits, this can be done quicker and easier than ever before. No need to open the full composer, just highlight the word(s) you need to fix, click edit, and make the change right there.



As you and your users try this out, we’d love to hear your suggestions here on meta.discourse.org in the #feature category. Find a bug? Let us know in #bug.

Please note, fast edit can’t handle complex post content - for example editing multiple cells in a table. When fast edit is unable to work, the full composer will open automatically.


I was uploading a picture when the site went down and thought

“No way I did that.”