Discourse upgraded to 2.2.0.beta9

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I just upgraded our Discourse installation to Discourse upgraded to 2.2.0.beta9. The two biggest user facing changes are (content copied from meta.discourse.org):

Consolidate like notifications

Does your site have that one user that likes every single post? The one who causes your notifications to overflow when you wake up in the morning? Good news! Discourse now merges sequential likes from the same user, helping keep your notification history happy. By default, sequential likes will be merged if there are 5 or more, and they happen within 2 hours of each other.


Font size increased

Our old default was 14px, now it’s 15px. All text will look slightly larger.

There’s some evidence that larger font sizes increase readability, and larger font sizes are generally becoming more common across the web (you can easily find some sites that are making body text as large as 20px!). So this is a minor bump in that direction.

I hate it

That’s ok. Visit https://blenderartists.org/my/preferences/interface and select “Smaller” from the text size dropdown.

You can access the full release notes here:

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thanks for making this amazing website even amazinger :smiley:

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I don’t know if it’s related to the upgrade but I noticed today that forum categories on the main page are like disordered now:

Not really convinient to read. Is it normal? or related to else something?

(Ace Dragon) #5

The main page and the art sections are in desperate need of a nice grid-based layout, as things seem a tad disorganized at the moment.

Hopefully it’s possible to do that with Discourse sites.

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@Zak_Gre nice catch! It was introduced with the version upgrade, I’ve fixed it.

@Ace_Dragon regarding the main page, did you mean the issue that Zak_Gre mentioned?


Oops, I think I’m that person! :laughing:

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It looks like the main page is now the same as it was before the upgrade, that works too :slight_smile:

And yes, more or less the same issue brought up by Zak, but if the gallery view is now the default for the art forums (even if viewing all at once), it could use a more grid-like structure so it looks a little less chaotic.

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Good to hear, it’s nice to see BA having active work done to improve it now after many years of administrators not having much time.

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