Discourse upgraded to 2.3.0.beta9

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I just updated our Discourse instance to 2.3.0.beta9. Here are the release notes.

The biggest user facing changes are:

Staff Notices

In Discourse 2.3.0.beta4 we added a special call-out notice for new/returning users. Staff can now add custom call-outs above posts, which appear similar to the new user first post call-out.

Digest email unsubscribe improvements

We don’t want users to receive emails that they do not want. We make unsubscribing easy, with a link in the footer as well as by replying with the word unsubscribe in the body. Sometimes, however, users just want less emails, not none. Now they are given the option of how frequently they want to receive digest emails, in addition to the option to fully unsubscribe.

Suggested unread topics are now restricted to 90 day old topics

See the linked #feature:announcements topic from Sam for full details:

User preference for title counter mode

Previously, when a Discourse site was in a background tab, the tab title is updated with a counter of new topics/posts within the tab. Now, the count indicated the number of notifications. Users can update choose whichever option they prefer with the new Background page title displays count of user preference (interface tab).

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