discovered a bug?

so, I think i found a bug… if you check the link, you will see that extra edges are visable in the viewport, and they are only visable while in “vertex select mode”, and if you have subdevition surface, and have the triangle checked in the modifier option panel witch lets you see what effect the subsurface modifier is having on the mesh…

i checked every viable option in the properties panel, and none of those settings fixes it. not even “show rendered only”. the lipping is not the issue, no overlapping edges, the mesh is clean. no wierd topology etc.

does anyone know any other reason to why this might be happening?
if not i might report it as a bug. ill try to reproduce it.

ohh, i noticed, i had more mesh “hidden”, and if i unhide it, the extra edges disapare. however, it should still not happen.

Hi, please upload the .blend with the problem, then other user can verify.
Or it is maybe a user “Bug”. :eyebrowlift2:

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Hey Stan beat me only one minute. :evilgrin:

Stan… grammernazi…

anyway, i thought i uploaded the blend file :confused: dont know why its not here :confused:

also, i did not know about that “i found a bug” post.


mechparts.blend (499 KB)

Cant reproduce it here (win7 x64 gtx580)

Looks fine here, too (Win 7 x64 / GTX 680).

GrammAr nazi? Not really, I can’t be even if I wanted to. You’re posting with the same horrible mistakes in support forums though, as in, in your replies to people asking for help. Granted, these are forums about Blender, not English language, but still… You know, personally, if I was getting a support reply spelt badly, I’d think twice about its’ validity.

Anyway, can’t reproduce it either.