Discovered MakeHuman

I was looking for a poser/human model software and all I could find was DAZ studio…it also doesn’t run on Linux. But I hoped to run it on WINE, and thus created an account in DAZ3d, but it asked for my billing information even it’s declared FREE! I said “how about no?” :smiley: And logged out cancelling the procedure. Then wikipedia told me about 4 more softwares , one of them was MakeHuman - free open source! phew :smiley:

I lol’d after running svn up. This is how splash screen of MakeHuman looks at this moment:

nooooo way :smiley: are you serious? :smiley: Hahahah :smiley:
Thankfully I took the alpha version :smiley: It has a nice start screen

It’s pretty hilarious, I haven’t used the A7 but A6 had a really pretty splash. SVN has a tendency to pretty crashy, save often!

Have you found an easy way to Cycles-ify a MH character?

what do you mean by cycles-ify? :slight_smile: I’m not an expert but I made a model and it’s looking good in cycles. Though I didnt finish it yet. And I use only cycles.