Discovered new tool...

Did anybody know about the “shear” tool? I meant to push shift+s to move the cursor to a selection, but I accidently hit ctrl+s, and it shears the mesh. Interesting and useful tool. I think it may be one of the lesser known ones kind of like “warp”. Just thought I might let people know it’s there!:slight_smile:

I’ve seen it before. When is it useful?

When you want to keep parallel deformations.

What do you mean?

Just realised what you mean. But why can’t I erase my post?

I think you can’t erase if someone posted after you

I think it will help when I model the chevrons for my stargate…

Just a test if I can erase.
[EDIT] Doesn’t work [/EDIT]

Classic use:- Chocolate bar

Plain, subdivide
Extrude up
extrude (individual faces_ up
ctrl s a bit
if you do ctrl s 0 you’ll get pyramids


denshidan: You’re thinking of Alt-S shrink/fatten, which does work well for chocolate bars or numpads.

ctrl-s makes my chocolate bar look crooked

What shear does is take the top and bottom of the mesh and pull them in opposite directions meaning doing that to a square would mean the sides would start to form acute and obtuse angles instead of right.

cd38 - whoops…serves me right for not firing up blender and checking my facts - yeah thats what I ment…lol

So, nothing to do with this post then :confused: sorry

Which one is the warp key?

Shift+W is warp tool.

What is it used for?

Warp tool

Used here for letters, but of-course you can warp most anything…



I’ve known about it… Didn’t help me with my chevrons, but then again I might just be stupid enough not to realize how I might have used it…

In front view you could shear a cube to get one slice of the side of a chevron. Make sense? I haven’t tried it yet but soon will…

I think you’re a little bit late with that answer, LOTR junkie.