Discovering Nature Ebook

As you might have heard, I am creating a Blender eBook entitled Discovering Nature which teaches you how to create realistic nature at an affordable price. For more information, watch the video in the link provided.

but it’s free??

And that price would be…

It’s 40 dollars. Where can I pick up the book?

$40 according to the video.

Based on the samples provided, it sure would be worth it for those interested in rendering nature.

Am I correct in assuming that Cycles is used?

Yes, Cycles is used as the main rendering engine in this eBook. The price is $40 and includes 6 full length chapters each individual different nature scenes and a bonus chapter at the end of tips and tricks. The eBook is set to be out this week with a website link that I will provide later from which you can buy the book!

The eBook is now available to buy! Grab your copy at and discover how to create realistic nature in Blender!

The eBook is now live at

I am interested but would like to see a table of contents first. Thanks.

I gave a table of contents of what each chapter was about on the first and second book videos on YouTube, I will send you links to those videos below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hopefully this helps you!

Great book i am interested to find this book, please help me how to find this book.

Awesome! You can find the book at
The webpage is a little slow, but it will come up and then you can discover how to create nature in Blender!

I looked at your intro demo #1. All I can say is, tremendous work and product. Particularly for a guy your age. I hope it comes off half as good as the intro. Young Andrew Price. Not that he’s old or anything.

Also you have a great style of delivery. Very Engaging. Solid, man. Solid!

I bought the book and it looks awesome!! It’s 253 pages long, in addition you get a huge zip file with textures, links, and the .blends. Very nice.

It would be better to show the ToC as text or PDF.

Thank you very much, that means a lot!

Awesome Blackdot! Glad you liked it!