Hi all! I finally started working on this project that I’ve had in my head for quite some time. I would love some feedback about the image (lighting and other various composition elements) :slight_smile: I do plan on incorporating more foreground and background elements.

Nice work so far.

Here’s a few ideas

-Make the whole thing a little brighter/easier to see
-The floor looks unrealistic, add some texture and/or shine
-Blur out the background slightly, to put more focus on the object and make it less boring

Also, maybe do something crazy with the red light and its reflection? That would make it more interesting, even if it breaks the realism a little

maybe add more texture to the base.

Thanks for feedback Geo-Logical. Glad you like it so far and it’s nice knowing I’m on the right track so far.

I like it! One thing stuck out to me though. The scale of the blinds vs the outlet. If the wall is close as the size of the outlet suggests then the scale of the blinds seems small. If the wall is farther away as the blinds kind of suggest then the outlet is huge.

Thanks for positive critiques so far everyone. I appreciate it. Below is my current effort of the project.

Nice, that’s looking a lot better