Discus Launch Animation Help...

I want to make an animation of a discus launch glider at the tim of launch. There is a video to clarify. I have the model of the airplane completed but I’m not sure how to go about to make the animation. I was thinking that it could be made with animation with a curve follow or path or something? I really don’t know. Anybody have ideas?

Thanks for reading!

Video of the launch

the spinning to or just the takeoff?

if you have a character rig spinning around, I would attach the plane to the hand with copy loc. copy rot can work to but I would key that by hand for a better feeling of weight and inertia, copy rot will make it look weightless and jittery.

open release, switch to follow path constraint and a path with the desired trajectory. Or you could key the flight by hand.
I would lean towards hand keying but that is just my own preference.