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I’ve never been as excited about any blender release as for 2.42.:smiley: The render preview window, the color picker. But there are strange ones like the new camera fly mode. I prefer the older one.Am I right? This one is harder to control. Anyone found some new ones to share?:rolleyes:

Bullet physics for the Game Engine. Great fun.

Bullet physics for the Game Engine. Great fun.

Yeah, it’s been around for a while, but they updated it a whole lot.

The color picker is good, too. As the preview window.

And nodes. Now making materials will make more since.

And I like the new render pipeline mostly. Now, implementing renderers will be whole lots easier(that’s what I heard). Now, all I want from Blender is the implementation of Kerkythea. I’m not complaining, though, Blender Internal with AO will work for me.

the Preview window (shift+p) is so wonderful, I no longer hate tweaking texturing & lighting.

and the node editor is great. I never thought Blender lacked this, but now that it’s there, I’m in love.

the color picker has always been there for vertex painting just right click when you are in vertex paint mode but i dont know if it was in the material buttons or anywhere else.

but i still havnt figured out how to use the node editor
and i am mose excited about the ge stuff

I hear that thing is scalable how exectly do you do it and can the preview window be used the output view render images. I would love to upgraded to that for modelling to take advantage of the extended merge tools, but hate having a camera in the scene when I’m modelling, hated moving it around even more, i dont even like the light but there is no choice in that matter. I presently model with a 1.5yrs old build that have renderview I think they called it, never found another like it though.

drag the bottom right corner of the preview to scale it the cursor dosnt change just click and drag

The new preview window is totally awesome. That feature alone will greatly speed up my workflow. No more having to wait for reduced renders to see my adjustments.:smiley:

Preview window? As in the Modo preview window, or how is it like? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: The preview window in 2.42rc1 opens in object mode with ctrl P, and it has a sizble drag corner to open it out bigger to see the range you want , as well as drag the whole thing over to different areas in the 3d window. I also like the way it updates/refreshes when you rotate the view. No more wondering what the outcome of the material/texture/lighting changes.:smiley:
Dude, this is gonna blow the doors wide open when it is finalized, and I don’t fully appreciate all that it’s packing because of my limited ability.
I used to do my designing with photoshop as my crutch, now I’m using Blender to create the real view of my drawings, very cool.

Another new feature that is really interesting is the node editor system, which really enables very deep control over all the elements, whether in a single render with the materials/textures for objects, or as compositor with layerinr render pipeline output in the sequencer…I can’t keep from opening Blender to try out ideas now.
:cool: Blend on, All!!!

Does the preview window update everytime it is moved or the scene changed? I ask, because it seemed, to me anyway, to not change when I was changing the specularity on a material.

[edit]Just to throw in an unrelated comment, it seems the nodes are not available through file->append. It would be nice to be able to build a library of node groups which can be reused, such as a high dynamic range lighting effect I just made while playing around.[/edit]

Vector blur, once you figure it out, is beautiful and fast and luvverly. BUT it doesn’t blur the moving object’s shadow :frowning:

Waffler - I think you’ll have to click the outer edge of the preview window to get it to update - the only instant update I seem to see is when you move the window or rotate the view or object. Just making adjustments doesn’t cause an update , as far as I can tell.

I tried out several times, and figured this out:
Creat a group in the nodes editor of a material, and save the file as usual.
Open a new file, and append the node tree item you made, should be whatever you named the material you made with it.
Nothing shows in the node editor window until you click Nodes in the material buttons, and select the material you had made with the nodes.
After selecting it, I opened the node editor and my group was there. It might not be as complicated as I made it, but have a go and see if that works for you.
:smiley: Craigo

Changing the light intensity don’t affect my preview window… :frowning:

Are they going to remove the old way of doing materials i.e the materials panel or will this be an intermediate release to get people used to nodes? I don’t like having multiple ways to do the same thing.

I’d like if they used those buttons with the arrows on each end instead of sliders too. They work the same - you just click and drag on the button but it takes up about 1/3 of the space. The rgba sliders aren’t even needed in the material sub-panel because there are sliders in the color picker (and the node panel now) - same deal with the texture map-to sub-panel. With some reshuffling, you could combine the material sub-panel and the shaders sub-panel. I bet you could even put the ramp shader stuff into the color picker. Something like this but imagine the arrows on the buttons that are usually sliders:


These are the arrow buttons I mean:


The anim buttons (map old, map new, sync) can be moved to the main anim panel. The sound block could get its own tab.

I think it would be good to put all the button panels into one area too so people could group tabs as they like. Like this (except without the dividing lines):


The big advantage is that it only takes one-click to access any panel. It’s also a lot easier to tell people where things are. When you say the anim panel, do you mean scene>anim or scene>anim/playback>anim or object>object>anim settings panel? When you say texture panel, do you mean shading>material>texture or shading>texture>texture panel?

A lot of the panels will be redundant once the node view is fully developed because the options will be set on a per-node basis so I guess they might be removed later.

I haven’t used 2.42 RC much yet but I already got it to crash a couple of times. Full screen render for example. With the added flexibility, I can see this release being quite unstable but that happens with other software too.

‘Move’ the light (indeed just hit the Gkey and click RMB to cancel right away and that will do it.) This is not ideal but I guess that only the events occuring in the 3Dview were available to trigger a redraw…

Thank you, ShiftingClouds, it works! :smiley:

Originally Posted by criss
Changing the light intensity don’t affect my preview window… :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: Said in the release notes, to just press <Shift-P> twice. Example: change something, anything Press <Shift-P>,<Shift-P> then it will do a manual redraw. Plus keeps the same size, and location of the Preview Window.:stuck_out_tongue:

Almost forgot make sure your cursor is in the 3D View screen before pressing <Shift-P> twice…Sorry