Discuss : Customization of more than themes color, icon file

I Would love to be able to customize more than just the icon file
in the user prefs, where you can load a customized icon file sprite.

can’t we have custom preview.blend file also? (it’s used to render material previews)

and the brush icons, the big ones. for texture painting and weight-paint and sculpt tools. They are all separate pngs so that’s a bit trickier to “customize” in a easy sprite sheet fashion.

I know where to change them to compile my own blender with custom icons, but then I get a (M) at my rev. number because it’s consider a local version.

Also they sometimes get overridden and i manually force overrides with svn co to resolve other issues.

Anyways , should we pester a dev to look into this? it’s not prio A; nor B. But maybe F? :smiley: if they are kind enough.

my idea for material preview would be using the test grid as background, and give it more space … now it’s inside a super tiny box throwing very small reflection.


that’s my idea basically.

The file to replace would be this one

is it even possible to swap this during runtime? I think so. Since luxrender, mitsuba and v-ray all have their own preview scenes for material preview.

Aermartin, your preview is better.
Yes i support this.

question is, I can do this for my custom builds, but it’s better to be supported as maybe an addon or setting. to load a preview.blend

What about language packs? would be nice to change the language in Blender, any idea about a project focus in change the language in Blender?

i’ve seen some language files in the locale folder in soruce, but … it needs to be brought in from 2.49, couldn’t you have language packs then?

THAT SamCameron is a different topic altogether. (also, on a side note, I believe it is much easier to always use English, as it helps when people need support on the forums, as many features have specific names)

I think having different preview files would be a nice feature. I often get annoyed at some of the previews I get, because they are just so terrible looking. Also, another side note, WHY IS THE CUBE ON AN ANGLE?! rages once more at the preview cube being on a stupid angle

I would like to be able to scale that preview area up without scaling the rest of the menu at the same time.

+1, maybe a popup window with klick on the material preview, or mouse over.


Cheers, mib

the cube is not on an angle the camera has wide-angle perspective, look at my image, top is blender default. the monkey looks twister.

my preview monkey is with blender default camera, …

there’s clearly a weird perspective aspect in preview mat render.

also why is the background so “close” you get no depth, and it’s making mirror and transparent material unrealistic compared to what you actually get.

not because the material in itself, but because the weird preview material environment.

no popups, I hate them.

let’s face it. the current preview scene looks terrible. why not have it user customizable.