Discuss LightWave workflows and LightWave/Blender comparisions here

Also just to do it. In case anyone forgot or was not aware. If you came from LW this tut will help even more for modeling techniques.


I must admit, I probably do not make anywhere near enough use of proportional falloff.
Magic bevel, doesn’t the mira tools drawextrude do something similar?

My modelling flow has changed, especially with HardOps & BoxCutter, there is more of a natural flow to building something. Of course, I’m heavily hard-surfaced oriented so they work well in that arena.
There are probably a myriad of tools available i’m not making use of. Though edge / point slide is a BIG thing that I never understood why Newtek just didn’t get on board with that for s overy long. (Of course, I’m assuming the latest versions do actually have it).

Yeah my team makes use of box cutter and they love it. I don’t do as much serious modeling anymore.

I do remember that when I first started using Blender it really became obvious that a global fall off system is what was missing in Modeler. Too many tools to do something you could do with one shortcut and prop fall off.

I have not checked out too many other add-ons. Looks like I am going to have to look into it so my team can get the benefit

Other than hard ops and Mira, anything stand out a crack modeling team could use?

By the way, anyone use UV packmaster?

We couldn’t live without it.


I use Shotpacker, dunno how that stacks up against packmaster, but definitely a vast improvement of the native packing. Though sometimes, you just have to tweak to suit your own preferences. :slight_smile:

The addons I use a lot are obviously HardOps & Box Cutter, I also use decal machine for detail without the headache. The rest though, I must admit, are mainly native tools, though I do have MachineTools & Kit Ops Pro which are handy when you’re kitbashing or want easy access to a library of assets. MeshMachine has some very useful tools for redefining bevels etc which can save a load of time when you want to redefine something.
I am finding there is quite a bit of cross over with addons these days which makes choosing them more problematic. Added to the improvements constantly happening in the main branch.
For example, I used to use Vertibevel then Bevel++ a lot in Lightwave, now with 8.3 that functionality will be built in to Blender, which is nice.

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Great. I appreciate the info.

Thanks Richard for starting it, hope we can have a Civil discussion with the intention of getting most out of how to enhance workflows…wether or not being blender or lightwave…without having too much fixations on the competition between them.

You mentioned in a message to me about why not starting a thread showcasing workflow, I did suggest just that in the former closed thread about vizrt and newtek, but at the same time…one of you adviced me not to, not until I have used blender more…but I do not think it needs expert level to talk about such thing anyway, so I am all for sharing workflow…but right now I may not have too much time for that.

As I said, I was thinking of actually starting a web page blog with blender and lightwave to distinguish how they do things differently etc…I might do that, as well as do recordings and post to youtube.

By the way, I asked this question about a tool that has the function of controlling the spline while bridging between polys, I only got one response that pointed to another technique, not really direct bridging but using curves to snap to polys then remesh, that is not the same thing.

Would really like to have an improved bridge tool that does this in blender…pretty much as it does in Lightwave, the bridge native tool doesn´t have any spline ctrl handles to change the shape…there is only the profile shaping which is nice in it´s own way…but no bezier spline control curve, tried the loop bridge as well…but not there either.

To note, Lightwave 2019 introduced a new spline bridge tool natively, but it is not as good as the free artspheres AW bezier bridge…a bit weird that they couldn´t implement it better, I have no use for it since artspheres free bezier bridge is better.

I need to record this but haven´t had the time.

with left click you can add ctrl handles for the spline, and right click you delete handles, segmentation is there and tensiton to bulge the bride, you can also use ctrl buttons to constrain movement of the handle.

Maybe there is a bridge tool for blender that does this…and I missed it? I would like to have it anyway, I don´t want extra meshing issues with any kind of remeshing technique, this bridge tool also works in subpatch mode.

And if by any chance such tool would be a modifier non destructable…that would be awesome.

This sample may also serve as an example on a case where using two viewports is kind of essentials (discarding the fixation of quadviews here) but a single view wouldn´t be good enough for a ratio deform design of the shape which needs more than one perspective to do so.

Here is the thread…

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Yeah, I don’t know of an addon that would do exactly this. And I am curious too if anyone knows of one.

I think it would be great if some of these - what I call modeling-centric - tools could be ported to Blender.

Another one for me would be multi-shift.

Spline based modelling isn’t something you can do in Blender, not like it is done in LW. I have the old SSR car tutorial which was all splines. It would be a nice addition to Blender, but I’d imagine it’s a low priority. There are tools out there that kind of mimic spline modelling, but it’s not the same.

You could, in theory, use a basic mesh, then use MiraTools to affect the flow, but it would be cumbersome.

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This addon seems to do a good job with spline modeling i Blender. Based on the videos I would say it does a better job than LW.

Edit: I forgot to add a link. :rofl: (Richard already added a link in his post)

Here we go:

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Yeah by the way what ever happened to B surfaces?

I am pretty sure it was eventually included in Blender but I have not used it much.

Here are some addons that look pretty trick:

This list is also cool:

We are really not talking about spline modeling ala lightwave or lw cads new smart mesh or nurbs, it´s just a spline control curve that needs to be added in blender bridge tool.

Quite different from spline modeling overall.

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Thanks, cool stuff, but not something that deals with a bridge spline.

Anyway, better than lw…that depends on, lw native stuff…which is free compared to blender which is free and the addon that costs?
or compared to lightwave with senseis easy spline or the other spline tools, or compared to lw´s new nurbs tools?
hard to compare unless having testing them all, looks good though.

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Thanks, yes cool stuff, pictrix had a curve deform …using a curve in the background for Lightwave, however…this seem way more powerful, and pictrix I believe is in a cryotube on a journey to mars or something (guessing) :slight_smile:

So much cool stuff show that can do a lot of other stuff…just remarkable that blender never thought of this little curve handle in the bridge option…it´s been out there for lightwave since 2007 I think.

The bridging tool is otherwise nice with some various profile shaping, where AW bessier spline bridge only have tension.

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Absolutely. But it kinda veered off in that direction so I went with it. :smile:

Maya has had one for a while too… maybe not exactly the same…

Actually my wrong doing and such, we discussed the bridge tool on two different threads and I just happened to reply on that in here as well, which then isn´t so odd when it goes off talking about splines in general.

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Since when is LW free? When did LW get NURBS tools? (Do you mean LW CAD?)
It comes down to one simple thing, curves/splines in LW is limited to ony the catmull rom type and is hard to control. You have a very limited Bezier type but it is destructive and can only be edited once. Blenders curves is better (more controllable) and non-destructive so much better suited for spline modelling. Easy spline only adds automatic patching of the spline cage, no new spline types.

I have never stated anywere that lightwave would be free…where did you get that assertment from, I stated that some spline tools was free…you must have misunderstood that posting in such case, whichever post you refered to, a bit odd, since both you and I have been using lw for years and we are well aware of the cost…so why would I state lw being free?

As for curves, if you use px bezier, you can save those out, once reloading, you can continue to adjust bezier handles, change from arch to smooth, change from line to curve, change to belt, change to tube etc.
You go in to setup and use save path and load path, it is not as direct accessable as the non destructive curves in blender, but it´s working to go in there again and edit the bezier handles…so in that way it can be edited again, but not the same as picking already made spline up and edit.
Px bezier is free, but he has stopped working on the plugins.

As for what I like with native spline draw…(not bezier) is that you just click and place draw it, which I think is a bit different than how you start in blender…unless using grease pencil.

Edit…yes…lw cad for nurbs…which I mentioned a bit earlier …and I had that in mind when mentioneing new nurbs and probably missed the lw (cad) word.
“We are really not talking about spline modeling ala lightwave or lw cads new smart mesh or nurbs, it´s just a spline control curve that needs to be added in blender bridge tool. Quite different from spline modeling overall.”

But agreed for the non destructive curves in blender, which I like, and especially loadin svg paths, but there is still something with the initial draw of a spline that I prefer in Lightwave, or I may have missed a key function in how to draw splines in blender.

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If there is any option to just start click add points and curves to trace or lay out a profile as we do in Lightwave …without having to extend the curve, that would be nice to know?

Edit…uh, new improvements in blender allows for that…good to know, silly I missed that.
But it must be added a curve or point first, which you don´t have to do in Lightwave…so a draw tool that doesn´t need any intial previous added curve tool.

Click on the draw tool and draw …not add point or curve then choose draw spline.

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Glad to see they dropped some naming conventions, like add lamp, as any kind of light source, lamp isn´t representative, and they now adapted the common standard, add light.

As for Empty VS Null, don´t know why they are so in to going against common standards there, which other 3d software uses another naming template for that than “null”?

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