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I think, yes. To restate: in LWM, vertices that lined up in a viewport, if moved with the DRAG Tool (which didn’t require selection), all the vertices that lined up would be moved simultaneously.

I’d like to do the same in Blender, even if it meant switching on X-Ray. This would make the Tweak tool a lot more valuable to me.

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You mean like this?

It’s possible with proportional editing.

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It would never have occurred to me that Proportional Editing would do this.


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I never really looked at all of those options. Never had a need really. But now that I know it is there…

And a bonus. You got some LW Modeler functionality. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s the equivalent to LWM’s ‘falloffs’, though hardcoded rather than adjustable.

I have yet to find an equivalent to LWM’s “Weight Map” falloff though, which was occasionally useful, ESPECIALLY with the scripts (Ken Nign’s) that added gradient weight based on “connection distance”.

BUT, I think I’ve learned not to say “Blender doesn’t have X”. :crazy_face:


Actually Proportional Edit. Soft Selection in other apps. It is pretty much the same as Point Radial, which has a similar adjustable fall off.

But in this case it has that extra setting to ray cast down the view.

Didn’t somebody show an addon that had those LW/Modo falloff thingies?

Yeah here:

I’m convinced that given enough time one could find an addon that did EVERY POSSIBLE TASK. :rofl:

Yeah, MiraTools has a lot of LWM/Mode-esque functionality, and it’s free! Hard to remember all these options…

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Curve guide tool was a copy from LW’s tools. I don’t remember how it was called in LW.

I know where your coming from. The old LW surface was based on a diffuse model. Not very accurate but you could get close enough. Blender, and even LW, now default to PBR, physically based render. The problem is there are two work flows for PBR, Metalness or Specular workflows.
This is for substance painter but it may help with understanding the difference.


Also remember Blender defaults to the Eevee render engine. Setting up transparency is harder in Eevee. Switch it to Cycles and then adjust IOR and transmission.

Which Zeppelin were you working on? I have a half dozen books on Zeppelins.

Thanks! It’s going to take some getting used to.
I have been looking at both Eevee and Cycles. Some things look better in Eevee and are much faster, but others, like transparency are difficult.

The Zeppelin I modeled is the U.S.S. Shenandoah, which crashed in southern Ohio in the 1920s.
Here’s a render of the control car.


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Thanks! I’ll take a look at that.

Looks cool!

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I am currently trying to write a texture converter from LW surfaces to blender Principle BSDF.

I am completely hung up at the moment trying to resolve how the COLR channel and the DIFF channels come together.

I think they eventually are mixed and become one input to the “Base Color” input.

Still scratching my head.

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Are you talking about converting a standard Lightwave material or a principled BSDF material?

Great Job on getting the look of Duraluminum. The gondola and engines always seem to be the hardest parts to get good plans for.

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Thanks! I did a lot of research on it. I ordered blueprints from the National Archives, collected hundreds of photographs, I visited the crash sites, spoke to a lot of experts on the subject, I even met the commander’s grandchildren at a crash site memorial. I wanted to produce a historical docudrama about it. Building this model was about as far as I got, but I’d like to re-visit the project in Blender.


It was always my understanding that the color channel was the base color under optimal lighting conditions, but I could be wrong about that.

Here’s an idea that might work. Make the color channel the base color, and then make the diffuse value a brightness contrast node value. I don’t know if that would work programming wise, but that seems like that’s about the same thing.

That second gif is too small to read. Could you re-post it the same size as the other one?


Seems like the forum software is shrinking them. Here’s a still image of the setup.

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I am talking about Lightwave to Principle BSDF.

Here is a COLR, color channel as white, RGB=0xffffff, and DIFF, Diffuse channel at 100%

Here is the same material with DIFF at 0%

Which looks completly black, so all color drained.